Welcome to the new website of Merc’art. Welcome to the new website of Merc’art.

Merc’art was born from a dream and it still is the dream of bringing art to all the people who love beauty and do not foresee their lives without it, be it in a tiny corner of a wall or in a three meters’ canvas.

This dream was born in 2016 and, against all odds, it kept on crawling in 2017, raised at its feet and flew to New York in 2018. We’re in the last six months of the year and, boy, there is still a lot to work on. Don’t worry, in due time we will keep you posted.

The main thing now is to tell you that, during the process, something was missing, something fundamental. The wings to make it fly even farther were missing, as were the words to be spread about our artists, the extraordinary quality of Portuguese art, the unique opportunity to join other cultures and metamorphose Merc’art into something global.

The website was missing.  A website as singular as the project itself with a robust online store.

For 7 months we thought and rethought, we created and sacrificed, we questioned and questioned again, we iterated and went back whenever it was needed.

This took us to where we are now, to the new website of Merc’art. If I thank all the artists that have supported us from day 1, now it’s time to thank Angry Ventures, my much-more-than-web partners, to make it happen.

Our main objective is to offer you an unusual navigation and shopping experience.  Why? Because we want you to come back, we would love to see you as a convicted art ambassador and, of course, a true supporter of Merc’art.

I wish you a pleasant trip.

Alex Quadros


No weeks are equal at Merc’art. 

Each one is special because it will be entirely dedicated to one artist and his|her work.