About merc’art


We’re an art market that operates both online and offline. We sell art prints from a mèlange of Portuguese artists: Street artists, illustrators, painters, tattoo artists, you name it. The most well-known, the up-and-coming and the ones to come, because once, we were all rookies.

Each of them created original artworks that you will only find here.


Should we call it matchmaking?

Yes, we like to name it like this: every artist produces exclusive artworks for us; we connect artists with buyers and sell both the originals and the prints.
Lovely, isn’t it?

And the icing on the cake? Once a week a different piece online.


Because it is urgent to democratize the access to art.

Our aim is to bring art close to the public. Let it come out of the galleries and merge with the cities. Let it mingle with people and the spots where they feel more at ease.

And because it is also urgent to democratize the access of the new generations of artists to awareness. By merging the famous with the rising stars and the rookies, we make the concept of collaboration tangible.

We believe collaboration as one of XXI century’s driving forces. So we split our earning 50/50 with our artists.

Hence our motto: Democr’art


No weeks are equal at Merc’art. 

Each one is special because it will be entirely dedicated to one artist and his|her work.