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This year, we raised our standards in the choice of the artists, we stretched them higher in the artworks selection and, as always, we strived to present new expressions of art.

The novelties are abundant: first and foremost, the Storytailors, one of the most vibrant Portuguese fashion designers, whose creativity has been deservedly acclaimed by the world of fashion and by the public. We couldn’t be more grateful to Luis Sanchez to have accepted to join us, in a year particularly difficult for the creators, and to collaborate with two pieces from the designers’ private collection.

Jessica von Innerebner e Cale Atkinson deserve to be mentioned, as well. Born and raised in Canada and Lisbon lovers, they work for Disney, Pixar and Marvel, for which they use their talent in the creation of characters or histories.

3D art and concept art are other forms we’re exploring, with the signatures of Danny Ivan and Vasco Mariano. The first creates patterns that resemble macro-journeys into lollipops or plaster in explosive colors, for brands such as Apple or Starbucks. The latter designs characters for video games.

Merc’art 2019: 24 artists in an edition that is very special for us. Special because we’ve overcome the 3 years’ milestone and we’re on the verge of getting to the 5th. Special because it will be the last before we travel to the world, thanks to Portugal 2020, a fund that we won in 2019 and that will fly us across the border in 2020. Special for all those who believed in us, once again: the artists (God Bless you all), our partners and the brands that support us and, of course, our families.

And all this, why?
Because we believe that art is a human right.
Because we have faith in art as the seed of beauty that may fill our heart, our soul and, ultimately, our homes. Beauty is goodness. And it can be expressed in as many ways as the ability of human nature to go beyond itself.

Merc’art is Democr’art.

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