Lisbon 2018

November 13: those who come to LX Factory, early in the morning, stumble upon a red container. Some wait and see. The container gets dressed in fuchsia, yellow details here and there. Words come to life and, step by step, Merc’art’s logo appears, as well as the phrase The Art Container.

Propelled by a chain and a hook, the door opens: the inner space, cold and industrial, gets filled with huge canvases, illustrations that move at the sight of a mobile phone, drawings, photographs with the biggest smile on earth, heart machines or human-cities, paintings with eyes that speak or big bad wolves scared by the glance of a child.

Again 30 artists and 60 originals; but, now, 30 limited editions of fine art reproductions, printed on cotton paper with the gentle strength of the archival pigments.

Painting, street art, illustration and tattoo artworks welcomed the newcomers: photography and animated art.

Highlights of the collection

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