Make art like a girl would

Make art like a girl would

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All forms of extremisms have always made me uncomfortable. The way people dispute their opinions, the black or white with nothing in between, the urge to impose a point of view by being ‘against’ something, losing all perspective on whoever is on the other side. I cannot say I never did this; but I was not proud of myself afterward, I felt as if my ego had blinded and deafened me.

That may be the reason why I have a hard time to call myself a ‘feminist’. I do not like labels, they smell like prejudice and limit our views, they’re dangerous weapons in which the forefinger is easily used (and I immediately feel like using my middle finger). I am a woman and very proud to be one, there are a lot of women that I admire beyond sanity, and I truly believe we are gifted with unique skills to deal with many aspects of our existence. But this cannot make me defend that we’re better than someone else or make me act against a different gender.

Having said that, other things for me are beyond questioning. If I had daughters, I would teach and remind them that if they can wear pants, a bikini or whatever they wish to wear, it’s because many women fought for that. If they can study and choose a career, it is because many others went through hell to achieve that.  If they have the freedom to have a drink or a coffee in any given place, it’s because a great few of other women overcame fear. That to vote is mandatory for it is another right that was conquered by women who died for it. And I would advocate that to be mistreated or limited in their freedom is something non-negotiable.

In these situations, I am a feminist. I would be an active feminist if I lived in those countries in which the art of being a woman is being restrained, and I would fight like a girl would.

This March, at Merc’art, we celebrate all those who make art as a girl. We celebrate all girls that daily dare to add, in their work, that beautiful something that cannot be explained, that thing that states itself for what it merely is: the result of this unique, singular nature that is to be a woman.

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