Boa Mistura
About the team

We are a multidisciplinary team with roots in graffiti art. Born in late 2001, Madrid, Spain. We develop our work mainly in the public space. We have carried out projects in South Africa, USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, Chile, Algeria, Norway, Kenya, China, Serbia or Panamá.

We were 15 years old when we first met while painting the walls of our neighbourhood. We are friends since then.

Our headquarter is in Madrid, but we spend the day from here to there, living among paint buckets, computers and ping-pong matches. We love what we do. We understand our work, as a tool to transform the street and to create bonds between people. We feel a responsibility with the city and time we are living in.

The term “Boa Mistura” comes from the Portuguese “good mixture”, referring to the diversity of backgrounds and points of view from each member. We painted our first mural in late 2001. We adopted the name Boa Mistura in 2002 and in January 2010 we opened our own studio in Madrid, where we work hard with passion and love.

  • Javier Serrano Guerra.Architect from ETSAG in Madrid who specialized in landscape design at the IUAV in Venice.  Strategist and midfielder.
  • Juan Jaume Fernández.Graduated in Fine Art, specialized in photography and video, from the University of the Arts in Berlin.  The eyes behind the camera.
  • Pablo Ferreiro Mederos.Graduated in Fine Art, specialized in graphic design, from the Aalto University of Art and Design in Helsinki . Calligrapher and typography freak.
  • Pablo Purón Carrillo.An illustrator who graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the URCJ in Madrid.  Hand and the philosopher of the team.

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