Duma Arantes
About the artist

Duma was born in 1973 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she currently lives and works. After graduating in Advertising from IADE – Visual Arts, Design and Marketing Institute, Duma went off to study painting and drawing at the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon.

Duma ‘s work focuses primarily on the female figure, depicting various facets in a typically enigmatic, mysterious and anonymous way, never showing the entire figure. Without the surrounding environment, the viewer is led to imagine a story for each character. The idea is to show that we do not really get to know anyone deeply, not even ourselves. There is always an unknown part of the whole. Duma ‘s characters are full of glamour, innocent but provocative, frail but also strong, dichotomies present in female but also human behaviour in general.

Duma exhibits her work regularly in several galleries in Portugal and abroad since 1994.

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