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2016: the first Merc’art website was created, in a simple format. Too simple.

A second website for Merc’art was built in 2018 looking for a breakthrough.
Too soon.

February 12, 2019: this is the day in which we premiere our website’s take 3.
We did our best to make it more interactive, powerful, impactful. Yes, in Webese, that’s what we looked for.

Let us translate this in Merc’artish jargon: in our words, we did our best to make you enter a website which you will not want to leave.
A website that seduces you to our project, to our artists and their artworks. One that is pleasant to read, watch or comment; a website that compels you to travel along our 3 editions, find out what drives us or acknowledge our learnings, utterly making you feel sorry to leave us, even if you know that you can be back in the next minute.

Maybe we aim high. Some will probably say we aim too high.
I’m afraid it is not in our nature to wish for less.

Are you ready?

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