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We ended 2019 in beauty

Our 4th edition nurtured our belief that the beauty of art is something we all need, be it in our retinas, in our hearts, or at home.

Thanks to you and to all those who believe in us, we now feel prepared to spread it all over the world. 2020 will water the seed of Democr’art.


When you reveal the artist behind a work of art you give curiosity a treat.

Believe it or not, this year we managed to extend the mix: street artists, visual artists, illustrators, new media, photographers, concept artists for gaming, 3D and digital artists, as well as fashion designers. Get ready, because their artworks will be here in 2020.

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Our artworks

The only way to differentiate them from the original artwork is the size and, maybe, media. They’re printed with archival pigments in high-quality papers (such as the 100% cotton paper from the 2018 edition) and they are the closest you can get to the original. Even because the editions are smaller although signed and numbered by our artists, as our tradition says.

CLA 230 gr paper prints, all signed and numbered by the artists. They cannot replace the original but they’re a fair choice.

We call them One-And-Only because they’re original artworks with no prints (now or never). With diverse styles and different sizes, if one of these is yours it’ll be totally yours.

The artworks from which we produce our limited editions of prints. They come in all (our) art styles, and in different sizes as well.

Exclusive artworks

Each artist contributed with original works, created for Merc’art. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Certificate included

All prints are signed and numbered by the artists. The originals include a  Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited edition

Each collection offers a limited number of prints or fine art prints. They are numbered by the artists.

Democratic prices

In each collection, all prints or fine art prints cost exactly the same, regardless of the artist.

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