Lisbon 2019

Reinventing is our motto: it’s 2019 and our Art Container comes to life as four painters, eight handed, turn a 100% organic tent into a stunning, meaningful artwork. Organic to touch, as we care about animal welfare and we want to spread beauty also in our corporate behavior, using cruelty-free supplies. Thus The Living Art Container was born, enhancing the gaze of curiosity in the name of Art – she is more alive than ever, exposed in all its tumultuous beauty to the force of human feelings.

Henceforth Merc’art was ready to breathe, filled with creative oxygen. People came in and all senses felt attached to the right of beauty; meanwhile, artworks showcased histories in colors, mixing different techniques but same values, loudly stating Art as a human right.

We were even more alive this year: 24 artists among which we added Fashion Designers, New Media, 3D Artists and Augmented Reality talents. They all came together with the purpose of being free from labels, ready to spread the wings of Beauty and fly. Would you like to join us? Take a look at this year (or other years) collection, choose your original or get your own fine-art reproduction printed on cotton paper with the gentle strength of the archival pigments.

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