The Art Of: Merc’art in a podcast format.

The Art Of: Merc’art in a podcast format.

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I’ve always been fascinated by people.

I really enjoy talking with people and through conversation find out who they are, turn them inside out. Merc’art gave me the opportunity to meet more persons, some of

them extraordinary, also because of their less visible side: the artists that work with us, as well as many other artists that enrich our existence.

The Art Of is the side A, but especially the side B of some of the human beings I have been privileged to encounter throughout my life. These podcasts are also another way we have found to democratize the vision of a human being: neither of us is only a side A or solely a side B.

We’re proud to launch this new Merc’art Production with the sincerity and talent of FalcaoLucas. Here’s episode #1:THE ART OF FALCAOLUCAS.


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